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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container

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  • We offers an extensive range of FIBCs (Big Bags, Jumbo Bags) in various designs and sizes
  • Widely used for storage, transportation and handling of powder, flake or loose and granular material
  • One of the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging solutions for transportation and storage of goods
  • Increasingly substituting paper, plastic and cardboard packaging solutions for industrial customers
  • Designed to be lifted from top by means of integral and permanently attached devices (lift loops or straps)
  • Woven polypropylene properties (PP) allow easy printing of product information to identify product being transported and stored
  • Moreover FIBCs are available in both coated and uncoated range and are supply according to the specific requirement of the customers


  • Reduction of Freight, Warehousing, & Handling costs
  • Provide flexible packing options for Commodities
  • Integral lifting loops, thus eliminating need pallets
  • Do not require any need of further packaging
  • Renowned for long lasting and durability
  • Favorable package/product weight ratio
  • UV resistant, Long tensile strength
  • Protection against dampness Reusable and Recyclable

Our FIBC Are Suitable For The Bulk Packing Of:

  • Agro-products, such as wheat, rice, starch, lactose
  • Chemicals, such as carbon black, dyes and intermediates
  • Minerals such as bentonite, alumina, ebonite, magnesite
  • Widely used in various industries such as Chemicals, dyes-intermediate, pharmaceuticals, minerals, rubber etc.
  • Detergent, Oat meal, Clay, mica and, Cement
  • Polymer such as PET and PVC Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals, Building material, Oil cakes

Product Details

  • Fabrics: PP (polypropylene) fabric with UV stabilization Coated: laminated with PP, this protects the product against moisture and dust ingress from outside, Uncoated: With breathing properties
  • Safety Factors: SF ranging from 5:1 to 8:1
  • Safe Working Load: SWL ranging from 500 kilograms to 2500 kilograms
  • Printing: Up to 3 colors & Up to 4 sides
  • PE Liner: 40-100 Micron Thickness
  • Customized FIBCs Specifications as per the customer requirements

Safety and Quality Standards

Safety Standard: ISO 21898:2004 Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001:2008 Environment Management System: ISO 14001:2004 HACCP & BRC Certified

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